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Truck-makers Choose Bevan Bodies for New Model Launches

Mercedes-Benz UK has unveiled the latest addition to its truck range – with a little help from Bevan Group.

The manufacturer used October’s Commercial Motor Live event at the Millbrook vehicle proving ground in Bedfordshire, to give its Antos distribution models a first run out on home soil.
Streamlined style… two Bevan-bodied Antos played starring roles at Commercial Motor Live    
Mercedes-Benz presented three examples from the new range, and guests – most of them operators, including some of the industry’s most senior figures – lined-up for the chance to put them through their paces out on the circuits.

Two of those trucks, an 18-tonne Antos 1824 and a 26-tonne Antos 2532, were fitted with streamlined and fuel-efficient Bevan21 curtainside bodies.

Bevan Group is a qualified partner of Mercedes-Benz UK and has worked closely with members of its Truck and Van Sales & Marketing teams on other projects in the past.

Mercedes-Benz UK’s Truck Applications Marketing Specialist Nigel Box explained: "On this occasion we wanted an aerodynamic body that would complement the cutting-edge styling and design features of the new Antos.

"Coupled with the Hatcher Components air management kits fitted to the cabs, the Bevan21 curtainsiders fitted the bill perfectly and several guests praised the stunning appearance of these vehicles.”

Not that Mercedes-Benz is the only manufacturer to fit Bevan bodies to its all-important demonstration models…
The eye-catching18-tonne Volvo FL-290 tested by Editor-at-large Steev Hayes in the October issue of Trucking magazine, sported a lightweight 26ft Bevan curtainsider. Despite also being equipped with a 1500kg Dhollandia tuckaway tail-lift, the unladen truck tipped the scales at just 7,870kg, leaving an impressive 10,130kg payload capacity.

And when MAN gave journalists the chance to try out its 18- and 26-tonne rigids a couple of years ago, it ensured the trucks would look their best and deliver optimum fuel economy by fitting both with aerodynamic – or "super sleek” as Truck Trader put it – Bevan21 boxes.
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